A Message from Dr Mueller

Dear patients,

I am going to retire at the end of this year. I will stop working as a General Practitioner and leave Smallfield Surgery and start drawing my pension from January 2021.

I have very much enjoyed looking after you all and I want to say thank you for the trust you have given me as your GP. I started as a locum at Smallfield in 2003 and I fell in love with the patients and the surgery, so I stayed for 17 years. I’ve really enjoyed being part of your community.

Looking back, it seems to have been a different time then. I used to have the time for an hour-long lunch time walk and still usually finished my days by 18:00. So much has changed over time and we have got so much busier despite trying to be organised in the most patient friendly ways. The days have become longer and more pressurised.

Last year my back caused problems and I lost my mobility. I was lucky to have made a good recovery after surgery and have learned not to take my good health for granted! So now is the time for adventures. I have so many things to do on my “bucket list” and I am afraid I will never get them all done unless I stop working.

You will continue to be in good hands at Smallfield Surgery. The team of receptionists, administrators, managers, health care assistants, nurses, advance nurse practitioners, physician associates, doctors, General Practitioners and Partners is excellent.

The COVID epidemic prevents us meeting up in person to say our goodbyes but I hope you can join us on Saturday the 5th of December on Zoom for a virtual party.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Mueller

  • Topic: Martin’s Retirement
  • Time: Dec 5, 2020 11:30 AM London
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