Research Practice

Modality Partnership participates in medical research projects, which are vital in helping to extend the frontiers of medical science and knowledge. Most of the projects we work on are connected to therapeutic interventions.

We are therefore pleased to give suitable patients the opportunity to participate in relevant studies, many of which involve diagnostic tests and treatments which would not otherwise be routinely available.

Studies currently available for participation are listed below (note, they maybe only available in certain divisions):

Current Studies

Lifestyle Health and Wellbeing Survey

The aim of this survey is to provide information about the health and wellbeing of people with Severe Mental Illness (SMI). It will benchmark current health related behaviours of people with severe mental ill health and provide a platform for future research with this population. For more information, please contact the practice directly.

Clinical Practice Research Datalink

The practice is working with the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency & National Institute for Health Research, contributing anonymised data for the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD).

CPRD data is used for approved medical and public health research, including:

  • Investigating side effects of medicines.
  • Investigating causes of disease and medical disorders and associated risk factors.
  • Looking into the outcomes of treatments.
  • Examining areas of unmet medical need.
  • Identifying ways of improving screening or diagnosis.
  • Evaluating which services or treatments work best.

For further information, please use our Contact the Practice form.